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NOTE: Fuzzhausens are built to order and supplies are limited. Please allow 1-2 weeks for building and shipping!

The world's first (and probably last) signature model guitar pedal for a pro wrestler! We hope you enjoy this creation brought to you by the very nice, very evil DANHAUSEN and Oneder Effects! No knobs, no rules. Enjoy all out fuzz, or roll your instrument's volume knob back for overdrive/distortion in Very Nice mode. Use your guitar’s knobs and switches to “control” the insanity of Very Evil mode. Be sure to only use an isolated 9v center negative
power supply or BE CURSED!

-No knobs, but an internal volume trimmer if you'd like more (or less) Fuzzhausen.
-Internal Trimmer to affect the intensity/behavior of 'Very Evil' mode. Note: 'Very Evil' mode will always feed back and scream at you. The trimmer controls how much of your guitar is allowed to cut through the chaos and also the pitch of the feedback.
-Artwork by the very nice, very evil Jesse Augustine.


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