Less Than Jake Signature Pedal

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To guarantee noise-free operation, use a trusted name brand 9v center negative isolated power supply MADE for guitar pedals. We recommend a TrueTone 1 Spot at the very minimum, if not a power brick with multiple isolated outputs.

All My Best Friends Are Pedalheads
- the signature pedal for Chris DeMakes Of Less Than Jake, is the first-ever ska/punk channel-switching guitar pedal the world has seen! The Blue channel is a boost that adds sparkle and compression to your clean sound, perfect for those upstrokes. Flip up the Blue channel's toggle switch to the (+) setting to get a little more thickness and grit for those dirty ska tones (neck pickups love this sound). The Yellow channel is a high gain amp-in-a-box style circuit that is just WAITING for you to play that big punk chorus when the ska part is over (for now). It'll riff and palm mute anything from the 90's, 00's, and beyond.

When Chris called me up and said he wanted to collaborate on a pedal, I was so flattered and excited. I grew up listening to Less Than Jake and went on to tour with them several times when I started my own band, so to be able to work with the band again is a real double full-circle. I'm dizzy. If you're looking for the two best sounds in one box, want to be able to toggle between them with the click of one footswitch (the other footswitch turns on and off the pedal), and don't feel like lugging your expensive and heavy two-channel tube amp around, this is the pedal for you!

-Clickless Footswitches with True Relay Bypass

-Top mounted high-quality Neutrik jacks

-Blue/Yellow LED that indicates which channel is active, and corresponding Blue and Yellow knobs.

-9v center negative isolated power only. Not all 9v supplies are created equal. To guarantee noise-free operation, use a trusted name brand power supply (ie True Tone, Voodoo Labs, Ernie Ball, T-Rex, Strymon).


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