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It’s been called anything from “The Emo Pedal” to “The Nashville Pedal” by players, but to me, it’s just my Old Blue.

To be fully transparent (pun intended), I created this overdrive for ME. I wanted a low to medium gain overdrive that could get a lot gainier, more saturated, and thicker in a pinch. It's my always-on low gain drive on my board, but with some girth added via the weight knob and the gain turned up, it can take the place of my 2nd or 3rd gain stage when doing overdubs. I use it to goose my high gain amps when I don't want that screamer-esque mid hump. One time, I was lazy in the studio and used it on bass because it was already plugged in... and it was awesome. Old Blue is my trusty overdrive, so I decided to add it to the Oneder Effects line! I really think you'll dig it.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, this pedal isn't based on a Bluesbreaker or a Blues Driver, but to my ears, it covers the territory of both quite swimmingly. The clipping switch can be thought of as less/more, smooth/open, or vintage/modern voicing to really help Old Blue play nicely with any type of pickups or music genre. The weight knob, similar to that on my Red Ryder Distortion, is very subtle, fine-tunable, and most noticeable at higher gain settings.

-Top Mounted Jacks

-True Bypass Softer-Click Switching

-9v DC Center Negative Power Only!

-Built By Hand in Michigan, USA


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