Oneder Boost (Bread)

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Get. This. Bread.

The Oneder Boost may be the first boost of its kind, featuring two levels of boost and even a secret fuzz switch all inside of a tiny, one-knobbed pedal. Even if it's not the first, it's definitely the coolest. Choose between a single clean boost circuit that tightens low end and adds sparkle, or throw the toggle switch up to activate a SECOND boost in the chain, creating a gnarly dirty boost that is reminiscent of a cranked American amp from the 1960s. If you're feeling froggy, flip the secret switch on top of the pedal with a small screwdriver to turn the dirty boost into a spitty, old-school sounding two-transistor fuzz! No need to open the pedal or mess with anything internally. Add another gain stage (or two) to another dirt pedal by putting the Oneder Boost first, or use it for a solo boost by putting it later in your chain! This boost is no one-hit Oneder.    

9V DC center negative power only (not included). Any other power source may cause damage and will void warranty. Current draw less than 100mA. Isolated power is recommended. This pedal does not accept batteries.


Oneder Boost Demo By WJB3!

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