Onederbolt Distortion

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A dirt pedal with a big personality.

The ONEDERBOLT DISTORTION is a continuation of the pedal that started it all for this company: the Oneder Drive. Back with a new name to evoke the true power of this circuit and the often-requested external bright/tone knob, the Onederbolt also has a toggle to go from the classic Oneder Drive qualities (MKI) to the MKII setting, which adds top end, gain, and sustain.

The Onederbolt a simple, yet versatile pedal that can be used as a mid-heavy boost at its tamest, or a fuzzy distortion with unparalleled note clarity at its most extreme. The clipping switch toggles between heavy, hairy op-amp clipping and a unique silicon/LED hybrid diode clipping configuration that compresses the low end, sizzle, and gain in a vintage way.

The Onederbolt isn't based on anything in particular, but was a happy accident resulting from trying to develop a circuit almost exclusively by ear. Any amp will benefit from the mid bump this pedal imparts, turning small combos into stacks and high gain amps into machines that cut through any mix.

-Top Mounted High Quality Neutrik Jacks

-True Bypass with Softer-Click Footswitch

-Onederbolt Logo by Chris Ferebee

-Requires a standard 9v center negative 2.1 barrel connector power supply (not included.) Isolated DC power supply recommended. No battery snap.



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