Tiger Saw

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Tiger Saw is a collaboration between Oneder Effects and my 6-year-old, Everson. It says Everson FX right on the pedal! Tiger Saw has two knobs; one for volume, and one for gain. With the toggle switch down (Tiger Mode), you’ll hear a satisfying distortion reminiscent of 70’s preamp pedals. Everson recommends turning both knobs all the way up in Tiger Mode for the best sound. With the toggle switch up (Saw Mode), a familiar buzz saw-like eq boosts the signal into oblivion. Run it in front of a clean or crunchy amp for great results, or in Saw Mode, turn down the gain and use it as a buzz saw-flavored boost for your amp or other pedals!

-9v center-negative power only

-Artwork by Michigan Tattoo Artist Chris Hornus (Royalty Tattoo Parlor)

-Clickless relay bypass

-Top Mounted Jacks