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Onederwall is the first dual pedal from Oneder Effects, featuring an all-new Oneder-flavored Muff circuit in Channel 1 and an updated and expanded Oneder Drive in Channel 2 called the Onederbolt Distortion. With Channel 1 having multiple modes and intensities and Channel 2 being able to go from a boost, to overdrive, to another flavor of fuzzy distortion, the Onederwall is a box full of endless wild gain textures and possibilities. A WALL of sound. It looks like wallpaper.

Channel 1 Features:

-A circuit that sits somewhere between a Ram’s Head and Russian Muff as far as gain and tone. My personal favorite sweet spot.

-A mode toggle that goes from classic scoop (1 bolt), flatter eq and heavier (2 bolts, my personal favorite), all the way to insane low end and maximum level (3 bolts, be prepared to blow out your windows.)

Channel 2 Features:

-The Onederbolt Distortion, which is essentially the Oneder Drive MKII, available for the first time ever with an external bright trim knob (start with this fully maxed).

-An all-new Boost switch, giving you more gain, top end, and sustain than the original Oneder Drive if you so choose. Toggle up for Oneder Drive MKI, toggle down for Boost. Comes in handy when stacking the two sides of this pedal!

-Your choice of (+) op-amp clipping (more full-range eq, more gain, capable of more fuzz-like textures at high gain) and (-) my unique silicon/LED hybrid clipping (more focused midrange, vintage-voiced). This setting sounds particularly awesome and more useful with the Boost switch activated!

Overall Features:

-An order toggle so you can experiment with Channel 1 into Channel 2, or Channel 2 into Channel 1. Channel 2 FIRST usually sounds great at any setting, but if you decide to put Channel 1 first (muff into drive), flip down the Boost switch and select (+) op-amp clipping on Channel 2 to let as much top end in as possible!
-Top-mounted high quality Neutrik jacks.

-Clickless relay bypass footswitching.

-Art by Jordan Clayton at Pinebox Customs.

-Requires a standard 9v center negative 2.1 barrel connector power supply (not included.) Isolated DC power supply recommended. No battery snap.


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