Red Ryder Distortion

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*PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR BUILD/SHIP TIME! New, updated circuit boards are on their way. Thank you so much!*

Congratulations on your new Red Ryder Distortion Pedal, Pardner! Originally designed to be my ideal bass pre-amp drive pedal, it became one of my all-time favorite guitar dirt boxes as well. It has the mythical LM308 chip in the stock, a pre-gain weight contour for some extra heft, two clipping options, and a blend control for adding your dry signal to the mix for endless tone shaping magic. I have a feeling you’ll be keeping this trusty pedal on your hip for years to come

9V DC center negative power only (not included). Any other power source may cause damage and will void warranty. Current draw less than 100mA. The Red Ryder himself recommends an isolated power supply. This pedal does not accept batteries. Ask your dad if you need help!

-Two clipping options (asymmetrical silicon for amp-like breakup and LED clipping for a more open, crunchy tone)
-LM308 chip just like the old distortions
-Pre-gain 'Weight' knob to tailor in more low end heft
-Wet/Dry Knob (it lights up!) to blend in your clean signal for added clarity or a bi-amp style sound.
-Softer-Click True Bypass Footswitch



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